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Crop Insurance

Farm Insurance

Crop Insurance Companies:

  • Rain and Hail
  • Diversified Crop

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance:

Richards Insurance has partnered with 2 different crop insurance companies to provide their clients with crop insurance through the Federal Crop Insurance Program. Our agents are ready to serve your crop insurance needs whether you are just looking into the program for the first time or a producer who has been active in the Federal Crop Program in past years. Contact our agents today and they will help you set up a policy that will best fit your production needs.

Crop Hail Insurance:

For those farmers who are not interested in obtaining crop coverage through the Federal Crop Insurance Program, our agency also has Crop Hail Coverage to offer. Through a crop hail policy not only can you obtain coverage to protect your crop from damage caused by hail, but you can also obtain coverage for such perils as wind and green snap. As an added service to our clients we offer bound coverage on crops after only a 2 hour waiting period from the signing of an application. Contact our agents today to get more information on the crop hail options available to you.